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Ten Options Strategies for You

The mistake made by most traders is going into trading options without knowing what option strategies are and the ones that can help them get the most out of their investment. Understanding what option strategies are and the ones available to you is what you need to get the most out of trading options and limit the risks you will face. There is a lot you can gain from stock options but the key lies in learning and understanding the option strategies available to you. Below are the ten option strategies every investor should know before jumping into trading options.

For an investor having a short-term position on the stock market, covered call is the best option strategy because your premium will not lose value in case of a decline in the underlying stock’s value while still generating income. As an investor looking to maximize the return when trading options, Married Put is one of the option strategies you should know; this involves buying both shares and outs of an equivalent number to protect yourself in case price falls sharply.

Any investor should learn about the Bull Call Speed because it will come in handy when they venturing into trading options; this can be yours simplest way of generating income because like with other businesses, you buy at a specific price and sell the same number of calls at a higher price. When you are venturing into trading options, you must also learn how to mitigate the losses, something that the Bear Out Strategy can help with; this strategy offers both limited losses and limited gains.

As a potential trading options investor long straddle is one of the most important strategies you should familiarize yourself with because it opens up the possibility of unlimited gains as well as significant losses too. Long strange is an option strategy that will be valuable in those times when you don’t know whether an asset price is will shift to the positive or negative side.

As a trading options investor iron corridor options strategy is one of the things you should master because there is always the potential that you will earn a small amount of premium. In case you find yourself dealing with a non-volatile stock, Iron Butterfly strategy can come to your aid; you will earn income with this strategy, plus a possibility of a small gain. If you have been considering trading options, these strategies will help you maximize returns and limit risks.

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