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The term marketing refers to the use of any available form of awareness in telling people that a certain product or service exists ton increasing sales. Digital marketing at the other hand uses the criteria of developing awareness to the people by the use of the internet to reach a wider area. An increase in the use of digital marketing have been experienced in companies since it has been noted to be an effective way to sell products and services. In the ancient times companies would use bill boards, marketers and many other forms to boost their sales which has been noted to be very costly unlike in the digital marketing where sales are boosted with very low costs. Digital marketing has been termed as effective because in this era most people rely on news that are read online through the use of the internet.

The use of websites, pay per click strategies are widely used by business in creating awareness using the digital marketing platform. The results of using the digital or online platforms to market has resulted to very many gains. The search engine optimization will help create great awareness in a brand if the owner of the brand creates contents that will familiarize with potential clients and thus widening your market. Companies, firms and industries are able to win more customers through and retain previous ones through testimonials and reviews that are created in websites. Digital marketing allows one to be dynamic in that you can change your content each and every time you wish and also one can broaden his/ her area creating more recognition.

Through creation of graphs in the pay per click strategy an investor should be able to tell on the product or service that is selling the most hence giving it more concentration and at the same time trying to diversify products or services that are less viewed. Online marketing has helped marketers to strategize easily as they will be able to set realistic goals and help a company to grow. Marketing department will require the most effective way to create awareness and be cost realistic which may be determined by a number of factors.

A company, firm or industry should first be able to notice who their customers are depending on the age, class, gender and many more. Creating your content is highly based on who you are selling to thus it is crucial for the marketer to understand his/ her audience. One should also differentiate the type of business he/ she is selling to his/ her clients since there are service oriented businesses and as well we have the product oriented businesses.

Digital marketing has proved to be the leading way to amass sales in the most effective way.

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